Saturday, March 28, 2009

close to my heart........

There are some who really showed me the meaning of a good friendship! i would like to say my first goodbye to these pure souls. Ramya, Sowmith, Hiran, Swani and Ihsanah, i owe you guys a lot. thanks with all my heart for every little sweet thing you guys have done for me. I am honoured to have friends like you. You shared all my pain and joy. Showed me whats rite and wats wrong.
i learnt a lot from the days i spent with you guys, this is and will be the best part my life. i had the best teen life with you pals. Its gonna be a great hardship to be separated from this great friendship. But i know and hope that only the distance would be the barrier between us. i pray hard nothing will come in our way.
I would like to say a great sorry for and harsh and hurtful moments i gave you, hope you would forgive me. i would like you guys to promise me that you will always my friends and never change.
i cant say it but if thats how fate is suppose to be than i should do it before its too late. i love you guys very dearly. i am just gonna make this a word "GOODBYE" cause i dont know how else to say it. only this word and my tears will show you how i feel!.............please stay in touch through any communication. But deep down inside i surely know that our heart is connected.

close to my heart.....